In the highly competitive marketplace, the latest or additional technology, equipment and machinery are often required to stay ahead of the competition. This can drain cash flow.

Midlink offers a rental option where the equipment can be rented for up to 60 months.

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*Cash flow management
*Payment of suppliers
*Negotiating discount and terms

*Submission of payment certificates, etc.

*Business plans

*Cash flow projections

*Accounting services

*Short term insurance

This additional support enables the entrepreneur to be relieved of administrative duties in order to concentrate on the core business and managing the process of the business and projects.
Projects such as developments, new mines and limited technical and scientific projects can be financed.

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Many businesses are growing at a rapid rate and have insufficient cash resources to cope with expansions and growth.

At Midlink we have access to sources that can fund these and are prepared to assist with investments in sound business opportunities. Once we know your needs we can source a suitable investor.

This finance can take the form:
 factoring,
 joint ventures,
 management assistance
 term loans.

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Blacklisted persons owning or buying a property with additional equity can be financed.

We will, byway of an increased bond, help you pay your debt and remove credit bureau listings and re-instate your good creditworthiness.

This is subject to:
Equity in the property of at least 50%
Settlement of debt/Consolidation


Bridging Finance is the capability of accessing cash now, earlier than expected or when you need it most based in a definite secured future income. It is short term cash loans or advances for the terms when the income is still subject to incomplete actions like registration of property or payment of invoices
and the advantages of bridging finance are mainly the immediate availability of funds.

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